Lower your score by moving better and getting stroger

Titleist Performance Training in Ocean Pines and Rehoboth Beach

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In-Person Titleist Performance Training

Designed to Add Yards & Years to Your Game

What's Included?

  • Detailed subjective history & personal goals 
  • 16 point Titleist Performance Fitness Assessment
  • Golf power and speed tests
  • Establish physical fitness HCP
  • Improve mobility, strength and power with a customized exercise program




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Customized Golf Performance Programming

(Included in all Remote Titleist Performance Training Packages)

Using Train Heroic’s application a customized Golf Fitness Program will be uploaded to your included app. This can be accessed by any phone, tablet, or computer. You will have a customized workout generated for you 6 days/week to help you meet your goals and based on your TPI assessment results.

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TPI Assessment

(Included in all Remote Titleist Performance Training Packages)

Your program begins with a Virtual Titleist Performance Assessment which will generate a Fitness Handicap and allow us to customize a golf stability and mobility program that fits your body’s needs. TPI’s 16 point assessment is based on data collected from 1000’s of amateurs and tour players and how the body relates to the golf swing.

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Monthly Check-Ins

(Included in Select Remote Titleist Performance Training Packages)

Monthly check-ins with your Doctor of Physical Therapy to assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your customized fitness program.

Lower your scores and hit the ball further with Golf Physical Therapy at EmopwerU in Rehoboth Beach and Ocean Pines. Book a FREE Phone Consult to learn more!

Remote Titleist

Performance Training

Customized Golf Fitness and Performance Training

What's Included?

  • Titleist Performance Institute’s Fitness Assessment and Fitness Handicap
  • Customized Golf Performance Fitness Program
  • Unlimited updates to program
  • 24/7 access to Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Monthly Check-Ins with Doctor of Physical Therapy (select plans)




How Do I Sign Up for Remote Training?


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