Progressive Physical Therapy for the Active Adult  
Serving Rehoboth Beach and Ocean Pines


1-on-1 Physical Therapy

In-Person Exclusively with Your Doctor of Physical Therapy

What's Included?

  • Detailed subjective history & personal goals 
  • Comprehensive physical therapy assessment 
  • Techniques to reduce your symptoms
  • Establish individualized plan of care to reach goals
  • Personalized exercise program to meet your goals
  • Long term strategies to keep you active without pain or injury


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We're not your average Physical Therapists

Is pain holding you back from working out, being active, or being at the top of your golf game? Imagine being pain-free, getting back to the activities you love, and having the skills you need to keep things that way.

One-on-One Care

All of our sessions are 1 on 1, working with the same Physical Therapist throughout your plan of care. No more getting passed off

60-Minute Sessions

Each session is 60 minutes long to ensure we are working towards fixing the root cause of your pain, and helping optimize performance to get back to what you love

Progressive Physical Therapy

Sessions include progressive modalities like Dry Needling, Elite Manual Therapy, and implementing state of the art strength training principals 

PT Designed For You

Your plan of care is no longer simply based on your injury. Runners receive running specific care, golfers receive golf PT plans, and gym goers get fitness focused plans. Whatever your sport, we can help


How Do I Sign Up for Physical Therapy Sessions?


Click the button below to schedule your in-person physical therapy assessment.


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