Best Golf Gear to Help Improve Your Game

Best Golf Gear to Help Improve Your Game

Dec 02, 2022

Are you gift shopping for a golfer? Let us help! Here are some of our favorite items to help improve golf performance! 

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 

  • Track: Distance, club speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, launch direction, shot apex 
  • Instant video replay and active shot tracer of ball path
  • Golfers can use data driven insights and visualizations to improve confidence and practice with a purpose. 


SuperSpeed Golf Training Set

  • Increase swing speed 
  • Create more power 
  • Golfers get access to a full online training program with research showing 5% swing speed gains in 6 weeks of training. 


TRX Rip Trainer 

  • Ability to resistance train in every direction and plane of motion
  • Complete sport movements with resistance 
  • Golfers have the ability to freely train golf movement patterns. 


3D Strap

  • Allows ability to improve rotational power and train in all planes of motion 
  • Requires cable column or band attachment for resistance


Perfect Practice Putting Mat

  • Indoor, can be used year round 
  • Can use track lines to practice consistent putting stroke 
  • Trusted by professionals like Dustin Johnson 


Hopefully we gave you some ideas for the holiday season! Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these items and let us know about tools you have used to help improve golf performance! 

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!! 


-Dr. Dan

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