Bridging the Gap between Rehabilitation and the Golf Course

Return to Golf Program: Bridging the Gap between Rehabilitation and the Golf Course

May 08, 2023
Golf is considered a low-risk injury sport that is enjoyed by ~66 million people world wide. Injuries do happen though. Investigators have found that 16-41% of amateur golfers get injured each year, while the lifetime injury rate ranges from 25-68%.

When most golfers experience an injury they usually do one or more of the following:

  • Take a break from golfing
  • Play through pain with compensations to swing/body
  • Go see their Primary Physician or Orthopedic Physician 
  • Complete traditional physical therapy 

Golf physical therapists and TPI professionals have found that many golfers are unsure of when to safely return to the golf course! Whether golfers took a break or got discharged from traditional PT, many lack confidence that they are safe to play, still feel limited when playing and are worried about re-injury. 

What we have found at Empower U PT & Performance:

Golfers who: 

  • Complete a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) assessment  & Complete a return to play program:
    • Feel improved confidence
    • Experience decreased re-injury risk
    •  Improve their golf fitness (mobility/strength/power) 
    • Decrease their injury risk going forward

Why our Return to Golf Program works: 

  • We look at the entire body
  • We look at your swing 
  • We understand how the body functions in the golf swing
  • We test for limitations & weaknesses  
    • Design program to address limitations & weaknesses 
  • We re-test to evaluate readiness for safe and effective return to play 

The Bottom Line:

Don’t let an injury keep you from playing the game you love! Golf Physical Therapists and TPI professionals specialize in return to golf programs and how the body functions in your golf swing. Remember to get assessed, don’t just guess. 

Thanks for reading!!
-The Empower U PT & Performance Team
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