Tips to Improve your Golf Game

Tips to Improve your Golf Game

Feb 10, 2023

All golf enthusiasts know there is always room for improvement. Here are some tips to help shoot lower scores! 


1.Set Goals

The first thing to do is make short term and long term goals for yourself. These goals should have a time frame, be measurable and be achievable. This will help you pinpoint what areas of your game you want to work on. 

Examples of short term goals 

  • Only 1 three putt per 9 holes during the next 2 weeks 
  • Hit 75% of fairways over the next 5 rounds 

Examples of long term goals 

  • Break 90 by the end of April 
  • Break 85 by the end of July 
  • Gain 5 mph of swing speed over the next 3 off-season months 


2.Get Fitted for the Right Equipment for You

Having the appropriate equipment for your body and swing is extremely important. This can help you have the most efficient swing for your body. There are endless options out there and access to demo clubs and ball types. A specific brand of club, type of a shaft, brand of ball and different loft angles can all impact your game in a negative or positive way! 


3.Focus on Physical Fitness 

The game of golf continues to change. Athleticism, strength, and power are more important than ever. For the first time, the average drive on the PGA tour was over 300 years. The ability to hit the ball farther to stay competitive is essential for all players. 

Professionals now all have a team constantly assessing them and working on their bodies to maximize flexibility/mobility, strength, and power. 

The average golfer has similar flexibility and strength problems as professionals do. Seek out a TPI certified medical and/or fitness professional for an assessment. An expert’s evaluation of your flexibility, strength, and power is essential to improving your golf performance.

Are you wondering if you have mobility issues or strength/power deficits negatively impacting your golf game? Get assessed, don’t guess!!! Start completing an individualized mobility, strength, and power program designed to meet your goals and improve your performance out on the course!!! 

4. Establish a Consistent Routine when Playing or Practicing 

Golf is a sport that requires a great deal of discipline and mental focus. All of the top golfers in the world have a consistent shot routine and approach to each shot. This can improve focus, confidence and decrease nerves during shots. 


5.Complete Structured Driving Range Practice

Instead of just going to the range and hitting countless balls with no planning, come up with a plan prior. Start with a target close up and hit 3-5 balls at it and then gradually increase the distance of your target as you go through your clubs. 

6. Play More Practice Rounds of Golf


Do not focus on your score and focus on improving your skills, working on different types of shots and perfecting a routine that works for you. Practicing like this can improve confidence, skill and mental focus. 

We hope you find these tips helpful!! Please let us know if you have a specific tip or hint that worked for you! 


Thanks for reading and happy golfing! 

-Dr. Dan 

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